Frequently Asked Questions

1) How does the DVR feature work?
The Digital Video Recorder is built right in to the Megaorei 2 & 3 Models. It allows you to record video & audio, plus take pictures of everything you're aiming at. The HD Screen has all of the user-friendly options for recording and playback. Everything is saved on the included 32GB MicroSD Card. You can also easily transfer your recordings over to a computer or laptop.

*The PRO Model does not have video recording functions.

2) Will it fit on a 40mm scope?
Our Gen 2 system can fit scopes between 35-45mm in eyepiece diameter.
Our Gen 3 system can fit scopes between 39-48mm in eyepiece diameter.
Our PRO System can fir scopes between 35-45mm in eyepiece diameter.

3) How far can you see in total darkness?
Our systems can see up to 400+ yards/365+ meters with the infrared light on in total darkness.

4) My scope doesn't have objective lens. Will I still be able to get a clear picture?
The camera will see exactly what your eyes see, so yes it will work with your scope.

5) Does it come with instructions?
Basic instructions are included in the box. You can visit our electronic manual page here or contact us and we'll send you one via email.

6) What batteries will I need and are they included?
Our systems run on 18650, 3.7v Batteries. All orders include batteries and a 32GB MicroSD card for the Megaorei Models. The PRO model does not include a MicroSD card. You can purchase extra batteries HERE

7) Where is it shipped out from?
Our main warehouse is located in Avenel, New Jersey, United States. We ship from multiple warehouses around the world and offer Free Global Shipping for every order. Your order will ship from the closest warehouse to your shipping address with enough inventory available. We ship via FedEx or DHL Express to insure fast shipping speeds.

8) How long does it take to arrive?
Most orders are delivered within 3-5 business days with Free Standard shipping.

9) Does it come with a Guarantee/warranty?
Our Night Vision System comes with a 30-day Money Back Guarantee and a 2-year warranty. Contact us here or email us at

10) Can it be returned if I don't like it?
Please contact us within 30 days after delivery if you feel that it's not a good fit for you. We'll help you send it back for a full refund.

11) Is the flash light a regular torch light?
The flashlight is an infrared illuminator and is not visible to the naked eye or to animals. It is not a regular flashlight. You may only see a warm red glow to indicate that the light is on. The IR camera will be able to see and illuminate at night with help from the infrared technology.

12) Won't I be seen with the bright light from the LCD screen?
Our Megaorei 2 and PRO system's LCD technology does not illuminate as strongly as other screens like most smart phones. Our screens have brightness adjustment settings to give you the perfect balance during day or night use. We also include a free screen shade with every order! If you purchase our latest Megaorei 3, there is zero light exposure.

13) What kind of recoil can this device handle? 
Both our Gen 2 and Gen 3 system's can easily handle any recoil. Through countless drop-tests and shock tests, we have seen no issues whatsoever.

14) Why have I seen different websites with the same name (Fire Wolf)?
We are the ONLY Official FireWolf™ Hunting website. There are others that are selling rebranded or counterfeit products. We currently only sell our latest line of Megaorei products on our website such as The Megaroei 2 Night Vision System with DVR and the Megaorei 3 Complete All-in-one Digital System.

We also sell our products on eBay. You can check out our eBay store HERE

15) Why is my order missing batteries?
If you purchased from a third party website or seller, they may not include batteries with your order. Batteries and charger are only included when purchasing from our Official website. You can purchase extra batteries HERE

All products on our website are backed by our 30-day Money Back Guarantee and Full 2-Year Warranty!

More Questions? Feel free to contact us anytime! You can also email us directly at: