The Most Affordable Night Vision Scope Systems On the Market


🔴NIGHT VISION ACTION: Enjoy up to 400+ Yards/365 Meters of sharp Hi-Resolution night vision in complete darkness.

🔴HIGH DEFINITION SCREEN: Large, HD color display screen that makes hunting during the night much easier. With adjustable brightness and contrast.

🔴HIGH PRECISION CAMERA LENS: Powered by a powerful HD IR lens, our cameras provide a sharp and clear image both during day & night.

🔴DAY & NIGHT MODE: Easily switch between day and night mode with the touch of a button.

🔴POWERFUL IR ILLUMINATOR: 850nm OSLON Black Series Infrared illuminator provides better night vision range and clarity than most other IR emitters.

Our Latest Systems

Aside from our most popular FireWolf Night Vision and PRO models above. We now offer New UU&T M-PRO models with built-in DVR that allows you to record Audio & Video! Our Gen 3 model below is an All-in-one system. Simply mount and turn on with the push of a button. You can click on the Full Details buttons for more information on each system.


🔴IR TECHNOLOGY OFFERS STEALTH: Infrared is not visible to the naked eye so you get complete stealth in the dark.

🔴HIGH DEFINITION SCREEN IMPROVES ACCURACY: HD screen that makes hunting Coyote, Vermin & other predators much easier! Adjustable brightness and contrast to suit your needs. Cross hairs on screen gives you pin point accuracy on the target.

🔴SCOPE ATTACHMENTS: Multiple scope attachments and protective tape. Ideal for a wide variety of uses such as surveillance, nighttime hunting, wildlife observation, camping and exploring caves.

🔴BUILT-IN DVR: Easily record video and take pictures. We include a FREE 32GB MicroSD Card for hours of recording!

🔴EASY TO USE: Our Night Vision System can be easily assembled on your riflescope with minimal effort. Instructions, Batteries & Charger are included with every order.

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Our Mission

Our mission at is to provide our customers with the highest quality night vision devices at an affordable price. We aim to empower our customers with the ability to see in low light and complete darkness, allowing for increased range and accuracy. Our goal is to provide excellent customer service and expert advice to ensure that our customers find the perfect night vision system to meet their specific needs. We strive to be the leading provider of night vision products by staying on the cutting edge of technology and continuously improving our selection of products. Our mission is to make night vision accessible to everyone, whether for outdoor recreation, security, or professional use.